Nature and jeans in a 'Love Story'

The photo from the current Levi's Fall/Winter 2012/13 campaign makes think at the first sight of Ali MacGraw's natural early 1970ies style in the famous movie 'Love Story'.

But Levi's 'Love Story' is dedicated to the nature of the oceans, the people and coasts in Maine (US) and the landscapes in Scotland and Iceland.

The forest's greens, stone grays, the browns of woods and chestnuts, blues of the sea, and light reflexions' warm red inspired the coloring of the items which are made from traditional materials known from handcrafts like heavy wool or napped twill. For the styles of the outerwear, the designers were inspired by the lifestyles at the coasts and created jackets and pullovers with references to sailor clothing.

fig. original: Embroidered neck blouse and CurveID Darted Skinny Bootcut jeans by Levi's, FW2012/13.

Levi's video provides insights into the inspirations of the design team for the creation of the Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection. The film shows the landscape and the people of Maine.

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