Shibori dyeing, fresh mint colors

...seen at the upcoming Levi's Spring 2013 collection. Shibori dyeing for leg wear and mint colors for bicycle fashion are two highlights of the new collection which will be released globally.

Shibori dyeing is also known as tie-dyeing and works with binding or folding fabrics. The result is an artful, individual effect. Levi's presents the technique on slim pants for women.

For men, the Levi's 'Commuter' collection offers items in fresh mint-green colors. The clothes are designed especially for cycling in the city.

fig. original left: The women's combination consists of a white jacket in trucker style and legging in denim-blue and white Shibori dye. Right: Men's wear in fresh mint combined to a sweatshirt hoodie in coral red. The parka is from the Commuter collection; Levi's Spring 2013.

The video gives an impression of the Levi's Commuter series for urban cyclists.

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