17 June 2012 - Short Message

Video Lino Villaventura #fashion collection Summer 2013 #catwalk presentation in elegant-burlesque style at #SaoPaulo Fashion Week

Brazilian designer Lino Villaventura presented his new Summer 2013 collection with elegant-burlesque choreography on 15 June 2012 during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The show opens with the famous 'Rhapsody in Blue' composition by George Gershwin. The pieces range from luxurious taffeta and organza day wear and cocktail dresses with transparent gauze details over glamorous gowns with bondage appeal to long, colorful robes made of jacquard silks enriched with crystals (Czech origin).

Lino Villaventura founded his label in 1982 and is also known for his costume design, from exhibitions such as 'Art to Wear' in Düsseldorf in 1995, or special presentations of his fashion work like on invitation of Swarovski in 2006 in Vienna.

Video: Lino Villaventura Summer 2013 on 15 June 2012 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Credits of the show (choreography, sound...) on ffw.com.br.


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