13 July 2012 - Short Message

'Call Me' interactive #phone #couture dress by Marga Weimans at the #Amsterdam Fashion Week

Marga Weimans was one of the designers who opened the Amsterdam Fashion Week on 11 July 2012. The Dutch fashion designer studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts and received already for her graduation collection 'The Power Of My Dreams' the I-D award in 2005. For the creation of her couture pieces, Marga Weimans combines fashion, art, architecture and thoughts on society like the exploration of the role of black women in today's global culture.

On the opening day of the Amsterdam Fashion Week, Marga Weimans presented a dress made of 300 mobile phones. The catwalk presentation was continued by an exhibition of Marga Weimans' fashion installation where visitors entered by augmented reality technology the thinking process of the designer.

Video: Vodafone presents Marga Weimans; catwalk scenes (with interactive mobile phone dress) and views at the installation 'The Most Beautiful Dress In The World - Marga Weimans'. The 'Call Me'-dress consists of 300 mobile phones and was 'called' by the public so that the screens of the devices lit up; 11 July 2012 during Amsterdam Fashion Week.


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