12 September 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo showing a #skateboard #dancer, 'Youthless' by Millionyoung from the album 'Amanecer'

The video, directed by Juan Camilo Gonzalez, is described as "The spellbinding video for "Youthless" reminds us that if you want to learn to skateboard you can't be afraid of eating some dirt."

Millionyoung (aka Mike Diaz) says about the recently (July) released album 'Amanecer': "I see Amanecer as a chance to share all of my early work. At the beginning, I was pretty much just writing song after song and never gave a thought to them all being on a record, but I look back at it all now, and they do fit in a certain way, even if just to me. It's called Amanecer, meaning "to wake", cause that's what I felt at the time. Those songs exist in that space where you're in bed debating whether that dream was real or not..."

Currently, Millionyoung works on a new, still untitled album; the release date will be announced soon.

Video: 'Youthless' by Millionyoung premiered in late August 2012 on Noisey.


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