Jewellery as carrier of messages and body concepts; exhibitions in Hong Kong and Sydney

Sweat and tears
...inspired the expressive face piece 'To Leave 2cm3 for Myself' by Tang Kwok Hin. The photo with accompanying video of the dangerously positioned piece is part of the traveling exhibition 'mmmmm… wearable art / unwearable jewellery' which arrives first in Hong Kong at the Visual Arts Centre on 6 December 2012 (until 19 December) and is on view from 24 January until 5 February 2013 at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney.

fig. original: 'To Leave 2cm3 for Myself' by Tang Kwok Hin, (video, photography), 2012. The eye ornament consists partly of glass. The art/jewellery piece is about discovering a city through the body. On, the ornament on the cheek is explained as the imagination of "turning sweat into tears".

For 'mmmmm...', 5 artists and 9 jewellers from Hong Kong and Australia were selected by the curators Aidan Li and Tricia Tang under the aspects of jewellery as carrier of messages like it is known from art works.

It is announced that the 14 exhibiting artists and jewellers will present their 'jewelleries' in their own ways.

Provocative thoughts can be found in some of the pieces such as the headphone-earrings (photo below, left) by Wong Wai Yin are carrying 'art'-messages about self-reflexion. Her jewellery pieces reflect ideas about self-awareness (listening to oneself), self-determination and references the observation of people listening to music.

Another example for provocative thoughts delivers Hong Kong artist Gloria Ng who presents radiographs of bodies with metal implants (photo below, right) and questions: "What is the definition of a perfect body? Can perfection be realised on an imperfect body?"

fig. original. Left: 'Listening to Yourself' from the series 'Earrings' Discourse No.1-3, 2004-2012' by Wong Wai Yin, (B&W Photography). Right: 'Feet' from the series '​Do Oneself an Injury' by Gloria Ng, (video, photography installation), 2012.

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