"Sporty, but sexy"

...said beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh when she tried on Oakley swimwear for the first time. Kerri Walsh (she and her partner won Olympic Gold this summer) is one of more than 700 athletes who used Oakley pieces (especially eyewear) during the London Olympic Games 2012.

Now at the end of August, Oakley sent the summary of medals which were won by athletes who wore Oakley-technology: 38 gold medals, 42 silver and 27 bronze - in sum 107 medals by athletes from 205 countries.

fig. original: US athlete Kerri Walsh wears the Chrome-Plated Bikini by Oakley.

During the Olympic Games in July and August 2012, the California headquartered sports fashion label provided lounge and interactive design experiences at the Oakley Safehouse which was built inside the London Design Museum. At the Oakley Safehouse, athletes customized their individual eyewear from models such as the RadarLock glasses at the interactive design bar.

fig. original: Oakley sunglasses RadarLock in blood orange, fire iridium; the glasses of the RadarLock can be changed and adapted easily to the light circumstances. Photo: (C) 2011 Craig Saruwatari.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/oakley8-2012b.htm.

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