'Glacier café' on 3.440 metres

In mid-October 2012, the cable car and mountain station 'Wildspitzbahn' with enclosed café in 3.440 metres height will open at the glaciers in Pitztal in Tyrol, Austria.

The new cable car brings mountain fans in gondolas (each carries 8 persons and their sports equipment like skis and snowboards) to Austria's highest nature ropes.

The two kilometres gondola tour begins in the valley station in 2.840 height. It is announced that the gondolas arrive in five minutes and 40 seconds at the new mountain station on 3.440 metres. Sounds like a nice destination for one 'glacier café' with panorama view!

fig. original: The mountain station of the new 'Wildspitzbahn' with enclosed café (in- and outdoor space of the gastronomy for around 160 guests) by architect Carlo Baumschlager (team Baumschlager Hutter Partners) is built in 3.440 metres height on the 'Hinteren Brunnenkogel' at the glaciers in the alps in Pitztal in Eastern Tyrol. It is the highest culinary point in this region. The opening is scheduled for mid-October 2012. Photo: Pitztaler Gletscherbahn.

fig. original: The image shows the construction area of the building with café by architect Carlo Baumschlager. The new cable car 'Wildspitzbahn' will be open the whole year through. Photo: Frener & Reifer. Frener & Reifer are the planners of the facade (glass, metal...) for the building which has to resist wind and weather with up to more than minus 30° degree). More details and videos from the construction area on pitztaler-gletscher.at/en/skigebiet/wildspitzbahn.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/interior/2012/pitztal10-2012.htm.

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