Photographer Thierry Le Gouès for Replay

In the beginning of July 2012, the Italian jeans label Replay presented the 'New Faces' of the fall/winter 2012/13 campaign, photographed by French born (1964) Thierry Le Gouès. The photographer and filmmaker received attention already in early 2012. He delivered in 2012 (until July) probably the fashion films with the most prominent cast: Hollywood actress Sharon Stone appears in one film as robber à la Bonnie (and Clyde) and model Cindy Crawford poses at a truck wash station. The videos were produced on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the magazine French Revue de Modes. Alongside fashion productions, Thierry Le Gouès collaborates with musicians such as with Femi Kuti for the video 'Fight To Win'.

For Replay, Thierry Le Gouès captured the campaign photos of the sportive elegant styled new fashion pieces autumn/winter 2012/13 and created an earthy, adventurous expression.

fig. original: Replay's new female face, model Emily Di Donato (photo left) wears a pinstriped vest over a white t-shirt with the saying 'I'll Keep You Warm Baby' in bold grey letters to jeans. Replay's male face Miles McMillan is on view (photo right) in dusty denim jeans and dark-sand colored classical jacket over a burgundy sports hoodie with fight performance data.

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