9 June 2012 - Short Message

Daily data streams made visible by #artist Ryoji Ikeda at the DHC/ART in Montreal, 14 June - 18 November 2012

The video below shows the exhibition space at Park Avenue Armory (New York, 2011) filled with (daily) data streams which are made visible by the poet of the digital age, Japanese, in Paris based sound and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda.

Now, Ryoji Ikeda's work is presented at the DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montreal from 14 June - 18 November 2012. Elements of the Montreal installation were provided by Park Avenue Armory.

"A fascinating and troubling poet of the digital age, Ikeda's profound investigations in sound, time and space have their basis in mathematical methods which result in works of spare, sublime, if occasionally ear-splitting beauty." Continue to read on dhc-art.org.

Video: Preview night party at the exhibition 'Ryoji Ikeda THE TRANSFINITE' at Park Avenue Armory, New York City (20 May - 11 June 2011)


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