3 November 2012 - Short Message

#Music 'Take Me With You' by Psychic Ills (released on Sacred Bones)

...is described on Soundcloud as the "right soundtrack for your travels; whether by subway, highway or other means." The track is from the six song sampler by Sacred Bones on spin.com/articles/zola-jesus-to-ring-in-apocalypse-at-sacred-bones-anniversary-gig with the announcement of the record label's upcoming 5th anniversary party on 21 December with performances by bands like Psychic Ills at Pappy & Harriet's in the desert of California.

fig. original: Poster 'Celebrating five years of Sacred Bones Records' with band listing and illustration which shows a man or woman in indigenous costume. The illustration makes think of the Mayan prophecy for 21 December 2012.

Stream: 'Take Me With You' by Psychic Ills, released on Sacred Bones.


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