25 April 2012 - Short Message

#Music #fashion party with German producer/DJ Etnik at the 'Shirty'-fair in #Vienna (5 May 2012, The Loft)

On 5 May 2012, around 30 designers and artists will present their t-shirts at the 'Shirty'-fair which is held for the fourth time at the music, film, culture club 'The Loft' in Vienna. At the last 'Shirty' (24 March), artists/designers like Dejan Dukic (punk-pop-art t-shirts), Brutal Beauty (inspired by skateboarding) participated.

The fair is accompanied by a party on two floors with live performances by musicians like electro, techno producer/DJ Etnik (Hamburg, Germany). Etnik is called for his elegant techno the 'Wunderkind of the new German techno scene'.

Video: 'Cold' by BLITZKIDS mvt. remixed by Etnik from the 5 tracks EP 'Cold' (released on 13 April 2012, Warner Music). The original single 'Cold' was selected for the soundtrack of the superheroes movie 'Chronicle'. More info on YouTube.


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