Luxury shoes in a music-fashion film

The fashion film 'Walking After Midnight' for the luxury high heels by Stuart Weitzman is entitled after the song cover (first interpreted by Patsy Cline in the late 1950ies) by the three members band Girl In A Coma (album 'Adventures in Coverland', 2010). The film is directed by multi-talent (actor, writer, film maker) James Franco who has recently started the music project 'Daddy' and released his first album 'MotorCity'.

The fashion film shows model Petra Němcová in high heels walking through the streets and visiting an art gallery in the Bowery district in New York City. James Franco drew his inspiration from the 1988 movie Mondo New York and the lyrics of the song. "The song dictated that the events would take place at night, and the fact that it was a single walker helped shape the story into one of a mysterious woman who takes in the city during the heat of the night," says James Franco.

Video: The fashion film is the first of a series of four parts. It is announced that the three following episodes will be unveiled on Stuart Weitzman's Facebook page.

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