Culture trends book series with new issue about fashion and technology

In December 2012, Vienna-based internationally working art-technology-philosophy collective monochrom presented the new (English language) book 'Technosensual. Where Fashion Meets Technology' from the edition mono/monochrom series which focuses on contemporary culture trends.

The new book is quasi the post-catalogue of the 'Technosensual'-exhibition of interactive art and wearable technology-creations by artists and Haute Tech-Couture designers from the Netherlands, Canada, UK, US, France, Australia and Austria. The show 'Technosensual' was on view from 15 June to 2 September 2012 at quartier21/MQ.

fig. original: Bart Hess contributed his work 'Liquified' for the cover of the book 'Technosensual. Where Fashion Meets Technology' (published by Anouk Wipprecht - exhibition curator, and Günther Friesinger - member of monochrom; edition mono/monochrom, November 2012). At the exhibition, Bart Hess presented the interactive video 'Mutants'. Visitors were invited to control the Mutant by blowing into a tube which was equipped with a sensor.

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