29 September 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo 'I Already Forgot Everything You Said' by The Dig and tour dates

New York indie rock band The Dig (guitar, vocals - David Baldwin, bass, vocals - Emile Mosseri, keyboards, guitar - Erick Eiser, drums- Mark Demiglio) start their 24-date US tour together with The We Shared Milk on 3 October in Washington DC, followed by 4 Oct in Philadelphia, 5 Oct Northampton... Concert ticket owners can redeem a free download of The Dig's new album 'Midnight Flowers' on thedigmusic.com.

The video for the song 'I Already Forgot Everything You Said' by The Dg from the album 'Midnight Flowers' (May 2012) was shot in a 19th century building at 5 Beekman Street in Manhattan's Financial District. In fact, "We were the last people to shoot in this amazing old space before it was gutted," says singer and bassist Emile Mosseri. The crumbling surroundings still hint at former glories, as befits a song about past loves. Mosseri continues, "The space has kind of a haunting quality to it and we felt like the mood of the song fit the vibe of the building… We all wrote this song together as a band and feel it captures the tone of our new record."

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