7 August 2012 - Short Message

#Music premiere 'Ghosts' by The Presets from the upcoming album 'Pacifica' (10/11 September, Casablanca)

On 6 August 2012, the single 'Ghosts' by the Australian electronic-pop duo The Presets (Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes) premiered.
"When Julian played me his initial sketch of this song it utterly blew my mind," explains Kim. "Taking a classic folk style, sea shanty and adding it to an up tempo techno groove was just genius to my ears."

At the end of June, The Presets presented already another track from 'Pacifica' with a video created by New York based visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka; view it on modularpeople.com.

The Presets are on tour: in September and early October in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne...), from mid-October on in US (California, New York, Massachussetts...) and Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal). Find the details about the tour on thepresets.com.

Video: The music video for the new single 'Ghosts' by The Presets shows a cloud in the sunrise; the single is available on iTunes.


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