Women in bikinis on the mountain?

...seen on 21 September 2012 at the current video presentation of the Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection on the website of Toni Sailer Sports. The story of the video 'Supermodels' about women who are transported via helicopter up to the mountain 2,840 metres high where they are posing in bikinis (minus 15° Celsius!) and winter jackets is not rational. Why should anybody wear a bikini on a snowy mountain? But it looks as if the women had fun. So well, tastes are different - and why not, as long as nobody suffered from the torture.

fig. original: Better than the 'Supermodels in bikini'-story is without any doubt the fashion by Toni Sailer Sports such as the motor sport inspired ski jacket 'Vincent' in biker style and the heritage of the label.

The label 'Toni Sailer Sports' was founded in 2004 in Germany and carries the name of the Austrian ski athlete and Olympic medal winner Toni Sailer. also known as the 'Blitz von Kitz'; the nickname means 'Flash from Kitzbühel' - Kitzbühel is a famous ski region in Tyrol, Austria and the name of the town where Toni Sailer was born in 1935. In 1956, Toni Sailer won three gold medals in alpine skiing during the Olympic Games in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Toni Sailer was actor too and appeared in more than 20 movies such as the film 'Der schwarze Blitz' (1958) which refers to his nickname 'The black flash from Kitz'.

Video: Behind the scenes at the image shooting for Toni Sailer Sports Fall/Winter 2012/13.

Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/tonisailer9-2012.htm.

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