9 May 2012 - Short Message

Free #music download 'Detained' by Giant Giant Sand from the album 'Tucson' (release on 12 June, Fire Records)

Musician and Giant Sand co-founder Howe Gelb (living in Tucson, Arizona) says that the song 'Detained' references the Columbian music tradition 'cumbia' which is an important 'fever'-element of the new album 'Tucson'. The album will be release on 12 June 2012 on Fire Records.

Howe Gelb named the album after his hometown. The country rock opera inspired album tells the musical story about a man who lands on his way to escape from everyday life in jail at the Mexican border and draws sound sceneries like a train station saloon where new old loves find together.

'Giant Giant Sand' consists of the Giant Sand members Thøger T. Lund, Peter Dombernowski, Anders Pederesen, Nikolaj Heyman.


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