Tips for fashion equipment on motorbikes in autumn

...sent in mid-October 2012 by the Austrian two-wheel vehicles distribution group Faber which offers from Moto Guzzis to Vespas even street fashion products.

fig. original: Scooter and rain jacket by Vespa, trend tip autumn 2012 sent by Faber. Only to give an impression of the use of scooters in Austria: Faber reports that more than 25.000 scooters have been registered since the beginning of 2012. (Austrian inhabitants: approximately 8,5 million people.) Photo: (C) Faber GmbH.

Additional tip by Faber concerning the tires: take care! The grip of normal tires decreases significantly below 7° Celsius. Use winter tires with softer rubber which creates more grip. Winter tires' coarser profile directs rainwater faster.

fig. original: Sleeveless down vest in asphalt-grey and blue, red rain jacket; both by Vespa, seen in autumn 2012. Photos: (C) Faber GmbH.

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