VIENNA INSIGHT by Karin Sawetz, early October 2012

Bicycle road along the Danube

...more exact, the Danube river's regulated side branch 'Donaukanal'. The canal runs through the city of Vienna for ship transportation; today, it carries mainly smaller passenger ships which travel between the cities along the Danube. The river starts at the Schwarzwald in Germany and ends in the Black Sea in Romania.

In the last years, the roads on both sides of the Donaukanal were re-built for walkers, runners, cyclists. Gastronomy in beach atmosphere was set up and probably Vienna's largest open air gallery for graffiti lines the Danube canal through the city's center.

fig.: Image series from above, left to right:

The picture shows me with helmet and bike at the Donaukanal nearby the inner city of Vienna which begins in the east at the Urania Sternwarte.

The football table stands on the terrace of the restaurant and bar 'Adria Wien'.

The graffiti below shows a romantic scene where one fantasy figure has obviously a heart in its hand (its own heart ?) and gives it another creature.

fig.: Image series from above, left to right:

'One frog a day keeps the doctor away' is the title of the wall painting which shows parts of a (woman's ?) face and a frog.

Frightened comic figure in the corner after a bridge; probably a scary place at night.

The image was taken in one of the temporarily installed sand beach bars along the Donaukanal in Vienna.

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