12 April 2012 - Short Message

Tribute to the Austrian #music producer, #DJ, #journalist Werner Geier (1962-2007)

On 18 April 2012, the Wien Museum Karlsplatz pays homage to the Austrian music producer, journalist, DJ Werner Geier (1962 - 2007, he would have celebrated this year his 50s anniversary) and invites to 'Over & Out - An Evening with Werner Geier' - an evening with music, historical radio show recordings, discussions, and DJ live performances. Werner Geier worked for pioneering formats on Austrian radio channels such as Ö3-Musicbox, experimented with sound and vocals, and was known as 'subjective' author who monitored his time from his personal point of view. In the 1990ies, Geier was one of the leading heads of a new music movement in Vienna, which is today settled as 'Viennese Electronic Music'. He co-owned together with Rodney Hunter the music label 'Uptight'.

For the evening on 18 April, many guests from the music and art scene from Vienna are announced such as musicians Kruder & Dorfmeister, Rodney Hunter, DJ Electric Indigo, architect Gregor Eichinger... to name a few.

The slideshow Over & Out on Facebook gives with historical images some insights into the life and work of Werner Geier.

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