Patron Saint of extreme cyclists

...presented in April 2012 by the Swiss boardsports, bike fashion label Zimtstern with the brand's Bike Team Rider Andi Wittmann in the role of the wounded cyclist. He wears the new 'Saint' t-shirt which carries the story about Saint 'Stella Da Canella'. Albeit the story is a good idea to make aware of being careful while driving a bike, the existence of this Saint couldn't be verified by Fashionoffice.

fig. original: Zimtstern Bike Team Rider Andi Wittmann; photo: Dominic Zimmermann. 'Saint' t-shirt for men by Zimtstern, seen in April 2012.

The story of Saint Stella Da Canella is as brutal as all other Saint stories: Stella was a young girl who came to death after an accident with a reckless cyclist who was catapulted out of a curve directly onto the 16 years old Stella; this should have happened on 17 July 1834. The Saint-shirt shows Stella holding a cyclist-attribute in her hands - a bicycle chain.

fig. original: Print of the Saint t-shirt by Zimtstern.

By looking closer, the print of the shirt is really funny! The Zimstern Saint holds a bike chain (invented for the serial production in the second half of the 19th century) in her hands while she is dressed in a Middle Ages (looks like 11th century) costume.

But the intention counts and the belief: Saint Stella Da Canella protects extreme cyclists even in night-clubs - prophesies Zimtstern.

(If you want to play it very safe, Fashionoffice recommends an additional necklace with a silver pendant showing the image of Saint Catherine of the Wheel.)

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