19 August 2013 - Short Message

Top ten viewed/clicked FashionFeeds concerning #music during last month

Last 30 Days (20 July - 18 August, Fashion Feeds by Fashionoffice - hashtag '#music', statistics concerning 'views/clicks' generated by Feedburner):

  1. #Music 'Hey, Doreen' by NYC's Lucius, album 'Wildewoman' (15 Oct; on tour in Jul, Aug... in Canada, US)
  2. #Music video premiere 'Jaw' by Brooklyn-based rock duo XNY, album 'Orange' (13 Aug)
  3. #Music 'Best new track' on Pitchfork 'Invisible' by Annie, 'The A&R' EP (release 5 Aug via Pleasure Masters)
  4. #Music video 'No Doubt feat. Rosie Lowe' by Lil Silva, EP 'Distance' (release on 5 Aug via Good Years)
  5. Speakeasy-swing #music 'Once Again' by LA-based noir-pop quartet Leftover Cuties (on tour in US)
  6. #Music 'Feelings' by UK-based trio London Grammar from 'Strong' EP; announce debut album 'If You Wait' (both in Sept)
  7. #Music premiere on Spin - debut album 'Big Heart' by Ski Lodge (20 Aug via Dovecote Records)
  8. #Music live performance by Bryan Ferry in Zermatt 'Back to Black' (song from 'The Great Gatsby' soundtrack)
  9. #Music Bryan Ferry's 'Don't Stop The Dance' very differently interpreted; Fashionoffice likes Psychemagik (Dub), Punks Jump Up...
  10. Funk-soul-reggae #music album 'Feelin' Good' (Sept 2013) by Nightmares on Wax, revealed first track 'Now is the Time'

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