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Last 7 days, generated on 4 April 2013 at 15.30 by FeedBurner, AddThis, Adsense
The Fashion Feeds item concerning the song 'She Moves' by Brainstorm was the most popular during the last 7 days (generated via FeedBurner). In the ranking by Feedburner, Fashionoffice's article about messages on design wash hand basin sink stoppers was the most viewed/clicked magazine article which was spread via Fashion Feeds last week. The 'Easter Walk - Vienna Insight' motivated the users most to share and click (tracked by AddThis). Advertising on Fashionoffice reached almost 23% CTR (Clickthrough Rate measured by Google Adsense).

Today, the Google FeedBurner statistics for the last 7 days from 28 March - 3 April 2013 calculated 718 views of 60 items, 5,982 clicks back to the site on 112 items.

On top of the FeedBurner/Fashionoffice popularity ranking (views/clicks):

  1. Experimental pop #music 'She Moves' by…
  2. #Movie trailer 'The Wolverine' with Hug…
  3. Fashion Moviement Project by New York F…
  4. Symposium 'Godfull: Shape Shifting God…
  5. #Music 'Caught By Surprise' by The Post…

The most popular Fashionoffice articles in the FeedBurner ranking (views/clicks) are:

  1. The messages on #design #washhandbasin…
  2. Fly bird, fly! #Fashion #shooting in na…
  3. Healthy #breakfast tip by #belVita with…
  4. #Easter walk; #Vienna Insight by #Fashi…
  5. Sit In Series: Day Eleven - about lifet…

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*Viral Lift: "Total percentage increase in traffic due to shares and clicks." (AddThis Analytics Glossary). Find the live-generated AddThis analytics on the cover of Fashionoffice.org.

Clickrates on Fashionoffice - last 7 days, generated on 4 April at 15.30 by Google Adsense
Currently, Fashionoffice has opened two ad units for Adsense; 728x90 on the top of the magazine's pages and 336x280 (placement above the fold). During the last seven days (28 March - 3 April 2013), Google Adsense tracked 34,099 Ad Requests and 7,655 Clicks; matched CTR 22.45%. The three click-friendliest countries in the statistics are Spain (Clickthrough Rate 30.63%), Italy (CTR 29.85%), Netherlands (CTR 27.35%).

Source: Original article with image on http://www.fashionoffice.org/survey/2013/toptrending4-4-2013.htm.

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