8 January 2013 - Short Message

#Fashion as senses device, interactive textiles, lifestyle tools; at #WearableTechnologiesConference, 4 Feb #ISPOMunich

On 4 February 2013, more than 15 speakers will report at the Wearable Technologies Conference during ISPO Munich (3 - 6 Feb) about newest developments in technology for sports, fitness, health or just for awakening emotions through the activation of senses such as the conference's newest panel 'WT for all senses' suggests. Jenny Tillotson, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design London, is one of three speakers who introduce into fashion as senses-device; her lecture is entitled 'Emotional Scentsory Fashion: Introducing smell our most evocative sense'. Four experts of the panel 'Technology for tomorrow' will throw a light into the future of products such as Peter Wissling (company Eckart) about 'Textile solutions with conductive pigments'.

Alongside to the presentation of scientific future approaches which are currently influencing the development of products, some practitioners will provide insights into their concepts of WT goods such as Gareth Jones from Fitbit with the lecture 'How creative products and online services can motivate people to live healthier, more active lifes'. Recently, Fitbit launched (on the US website of the company, available in spring) the wristband 'Flex' which measures activity and sleep. Data from the Fitbit devices (flex wristband, zip tracker) can be uploaded directly to the phone (apps for Android or iPhone) without using an additional computer. On the label's website, Fitbit publishes the lifestyle badges for users who reached their goals such as the badge 'Helicopter' for climbing 500 floors, 'Skydiver' for 1.000 floors, or 'UFO' 14.000 floors.

Video (October 2012): Bloomberg TV reporter Rich Jaroslovsky reviews the Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker and its ability to measure walked distances.

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