8 January 2013 - Short Message

Scientist Fiona Bull's article about #urbanDesign, #sports at school, public spaces and population health; #WFSGI magazine 2013

WFSGI just released the new issue of its magazine about activities of the sporting goods industry and researches in public health such as the article 'Getting the World Moving' (pages 4 and 5) by Professor Fiona Bull, Chair Global Advocacy for Physical Activity. (Fiona Bull works about themes like urban design and its impact on physical activity and population health.) Bull's article contains information about the most recent United Nations' Political Declaration and the recommendation of 7 interventions in collaboration with partners like governments, industries, and civil society to increase physical activity and health worldwide. On the first position of the 7 investments, the program foresees 'Whole of School' activities, followed by urban designs such as infrastructure for sports, recreation, walking and cycling, community initiatives that include workplaces, etc.

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