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15 February 2019

Style Tip Spring 2019: Classics in new interpretation

The Style Tip Spring 2019 follows the trend to combine classics - such as the flat cap. The connotations of a flat cap differ through times and countries - but such as the model on view on this page is derived from driver caps of the early 20th century and workers' headwear in the 1930s, it connotes daredevilry and rebellion in the Western world. Nowadays, the flat cap is associated with men as well as women and is worn by international celebrities and characters in film and on theatre stages.

The flat cap 'Sid' (on view at the image) is from the 'Schiebermützen' collection Spring/Summer 2019 by German brand Mayser. The 'Hutmacherey Mayser' (means translat. Hat Manufactory Mayser) was founded in 1800 (history). The name 'Schiebermütze' references a foreman or overseer; it could be translated as 'Foreman Cap'. 'Schieber' is a very German word (used especially in Berlin); in Austria, this word is rather used for a black marketeer, trafficker or pusher. The flat cap in general has already so many connotations, the difference between German language used by Germans in Berlin and the German used by Austrians correlates with the manifoldness the flat cap aggregated through times. Flat caps are worn by Brad Pitt (images) or once by Bertolt Brecht (image).

Eau de parfum 'Solar Bloom' (available from March 2019) by Clean Reserve; the label is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. 'Solar Bloom' has the appeal of a classical perfume with modern twist; it may remind the wearer of classical chypre perfumes (chypre is the name for a perfume concept, 'Chypre' means 'Cyprus' in French), but with a sensual powdery layer and instead of sandalwood or patchouli, the smoky animalic warm notes are composed from charcoal, ambrox, musk, vetiver - and coconut water. It's said that goddess Aphrodite (the one who was born out of a foam at the coast) was a native of Cyprus and a fan of perfumes. Well, the unisex perfume 'Solar Bloom' may evoke many associations which reach far back to the early history of perfumery and forth to modern, light interpretations of the beauty of nature. The eau de parfum belongs to the Clean Reserve fragrance family 'radiant floral'. Perfumer Annie Buzantian reinterpreted impressions of morning twilight, the first sun rays and their warmth on wood into a composition with (head note) bergamot, green mandarin, freesia, (heart notes) orange blossom, jasmine blossom, (base note) charcoal, ambrox, cedarwood, musk, coconut water, vetiver. Vetiver and green tangerine are delivered by eco-friendly working small farmers.

The 'Pacific Papaya' cardigan and the bag with juicy oranges are from the 'Tutti Frutti' Spring/Summer 2019 collection by Austrian label Lena Hoschek. The collection is inspired by fruit markets at the coast, fragrant oranges, sweet papayas and juicy apples. "Fruit markets are a magical place to me. The scents, the colours, the whole flair – it is more than just a culinary experience to me, it is total eye candy and an inspiration for all my senses," says Lena Hoschek about 'Tutti Frutti' .

The 'Warrior Shield Ring' in silver-white with (individually after customer wishes set) diamonds by Vienna-based Katie g. Jewellery is presented by designer Katie Gruber on occasion of International Women's Day (8 March). The Warrior Shield Ring stands for women who are true to themselves and live life according to their own rules. Photo: © Katie g. Jewellery

The 'Kinetic Lace' sneaker in white by Sorel is from the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The design of the details such as the wave-like molded rubber sole, breathable materials such as felt at the heel and textile upper with textile lining is derived from the idea of 'Negative Spaces' and that "...empty spaces in between are as important, or in some cases, most important" such as Sorel introduces into the collection. Photo: © Sorel.


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