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Contact/Imprint | Magazine about fashion & culture in Austria |

  • is a digital magazine based in Vienna and was first published in 1996. focuses on fashion and culture in Austria.
  • The topics are chosen independently by publisher Karin Sawetz.
  • For the editorial work, does not receive any financial support from Austrian institutions or companies.
  • Support with a donation!

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Audience June 2024 (measured with Google Analytics): 120 countries (Austria 30.98%; Slovakia 10.84%; United States 10.46%; Germany 5.22%; Ireland 5.04%; Hungary 4.8%; United Kingdom 2.43%; China 2.05%; France 2.01%; India 1.59%;...) (Statistics over the years)

Mag. Dr. Karin Sawetz
Ravelinstrasse 5A, 1110 Vienna, Austria, Europe
Phone +43 69912607626

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