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17 March 2020 tips for the Spring 2020 Home Office Style

The Viennese have already changed the daily routine into self-isolation mode for practising the greatest possible care for themselves and others, especially vulnerable groups like older people. Currently, the time perspective of the self-quarantine respectively when social contacts are allowed again spans from weeks to months.

Already yesterday on Monday, many media related workplaces of the Austrian fashion and beauty industry have moved to home offices. At the same time, editorial publications have started to release tips for planning the work flow at home. The recommendations depend on the orientation of the publication such as computer or technology related magazines focus on topics like the security of the home equipment or software for the elaboration of team to-do-list or for co-working applications. General media introduced into work planning such as that the work phases should be separated by short breaks like physical exercises or simply by a power nap.

One clothing item which is mentioned at several articles is the pyjama. Sleep wear for the home office is a no-go and described as counter-productive clothing as it signals the wearer the wrong situation. Working from home requests more self-discipline than working in a group where the dynamic of the team activates and increases the own performance. The work place at home should be similar to the one at the office! Even the work times should resemble the common daily routine.

For the own mental health, it's recommended to take care even of the own look. Don't fall into the trap of the current isolation and become a messy. Chic leisure wear, natural makeup, a light eau de parfum and eye-catching interior objects like flowers as well as mood boosting nutrition for feeling good at the home office is in Spring 2020 the best style.

At the images below, some items as inspiration for the Spring 2020 Home Office Style:

The highlighting powder 'Pink Glow' from the 'Bobbi Brown x Flower Girl' makeup collection (limited edition, available from May exclusively at was created in collaboration with New York City-based florist and Flower Girl founder Denise Porcaro. The makeup colors - pink and romantic reds - and the packaging of the products reflect the world of Flower Girl.

The wide top by Codello is from the brand's 'Art School' line and interprets African textile patterns.

The comfortable espadrilles-like slingback ballerinas with elegant black cap by Graceland are available from early April at Deichmann.

The flowers and vase were seen at the current deco & accessories range of the Depot online shop.

The hazelnut creme (350g or 600g) by Milka is available since mid-March in Austria. Photo: Mondelez International.

The earrings are from the current collection of Austrian jewelry brand Cajoy which sells mainly via the own online shop and the stores of beauty chain Marionnaud, opened recently the first own store in Vienna (article).

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