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15 March 2020

Fashion retail in times of drastic measures to slow down the coronavirus outbreak

Campaigns like #StayHome or the slogan by the Austrian government "Schau auf dich, schau auf mich" (translated as much as "Take care of you, take care of me") are spread currently by people via social media and accompany the latest measures made public by the officials today such as the closure of all public spaces, including playgrounds and sports fields. People are advised to leave the house only for essential activities. Since last Friday, fashion shop owners were informed that they have to keep their brick & mortar stores closed from Monday, the 16th March; today, restaurant owners got the order to keep closed from 17th March. Shortly after the news were released, affected Austrian companies have communicated to deliver orders which are placed by telephone or website.

From restaurant delivery services to 24/7 hours/days per week opened fashion online shops, businesses keep the country running - with reduced social contacts to slow down the coronavirus outbreak.

One of them is Lena Hoschek. The fashion brand runs online shops for the main line Lena Hoschek (shop in German and English) and for the company's children's label 'Bunny Bogart' (article). The latest items at the Lena Hoschek shop are from the 'Season Of The Witch' Spring/Summer 2020 collection (article).

Image: The 'Innocence' blouse with 'Ophelia' skirt and 'Glenda' dress are from the 'Season Of The Witch' Spring/Summer 2020 collection, available at the Lena Hoschek online shop.
Photo by Lupi Spuma. Make Up and Hair by Christopher Koller. Photo: © Lupi Spuma.

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