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30 March 2021

H&M 'Innovation Stories'-series will be continued after the 'Science Story' with the 'Colour Story' with strong focus on saving resources, especially water

The first edition with the name 'Science Story' presented a collection consisting of comfortable sports inspired pieces made from innovative materials like leather from cactus plants. The second edition 'Colour Story' is dedicated to sustainable methods for dyeing fabrics such as the WeareSpinDye technology where color pigments are mixed with the recycled polyester mass without using water. The dyeing happens during the spinning process before the fibers are extruded which gave the coloring method its name 'SpinDye'.

"We believe in abandoning the harmful model of using wet dyeing and instead lead by example to inspire the textile world to choose a modern, more sustainable dyeing method. You can avoid wet dyeing completely by adding color pigments to the fiber in the same moment as the fiber is made. In this way, both water, chemicals and CO2 can be reduced to a minimum," says Andreas Andrén, CEO We aRe Spin Dye.

The 'Color Story' collection consists of pieces dyed with various innovative technologies, processes (resource-saving Closed-Loop-Systems) and materials (pigments from plants).

Images from left: The campaign image of the 'Color Story' by H&M shows an outfit in earth tone dyed with SpinDye technology (100% recycled polyester).
From 15 April, the second edition of the H&M 'Innovation Stories' will be available in selected stores and online. Right: The swimsuit is made of 100% Econyl (regenerated nylon from ocean and landfill waste), the X-Large shopper from 48% organic cotton, 30% recycled cotton, 22% hemp biofibre, and the sandals' upper material from 88% recycled polyester and 12% polyester, the sole is partly produced from Bloom algae foam developed from a process that uses algae to clean the environment.

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