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13 May 2023

Insights into the fashion and lampshade pop-up store 'YYB-Fashion x Paralumi-Vienna' at furniture manufacturer Kohlmaier

This week, furniture manufacturer Kohlmaier hosted the opening event of the fashion and lampshade pop-up store 'YYB-Fashion x Paralumi-Vienna'. Kohlmaier, founded in 1884, is known for its collaborations with designers and artists, with results like the 'Neubau Chair' designed by Thomas Feichtner or the sculpture furniture 'Knitterplanet' developed by artist Esther Stocker. This time, the collaboration concerns the shared display space in a part of the Kohlmaier store at Neubaugasse 32 in Vienna's 7th district. The temporary store in one of the shop windows is open from 10 May until 4 June. was cordially welcomed by Yara-Yvon Bertassi. The designer presented the colorful womenswear collection consisting of about 10 basic styles available in a wide range of fabrics. Selected prints are developed by Bertassi herself, like the one she wore that day. The wide blouse's blue and green print is a blown-up version of one of the cross stitchings made by her mother, the artist Patrizia Bertassi, whose artworks on the walls give the store a homey feel and match the vibrantly colored clothing range and lampshades. The design and production of lampshades is the ancestral economic mainstay of Yara-Yvon Bertassi, who works primarily in the family business of customizable fabric lampshades 'Paralumi-Vienna' together with the lighting workshop 'Leuchtenwerkstatt' of Jakob Uhl. Three years ago, in addition to the lampshade business, the designer began to create clothing for her eponymous label 'YYB-Fashion'. YYB-Fashion & Paralumi-Vienna are located in the third district of Vienna. Currently, the website development for both brands is underway, as Yara-Yvon Bertassi told The fashion line is already online at (fast checked today).

Image: Yara-Yvon Bertassi on 10 May 2023 at the opening event of the pop-up store 'YYB-Fashion x Paralumi-Vienna' at the furniture manufacturer Kohlmaier at Neubaugasse 32 in Vienna's 7th district.

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