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What is
Since 1996, the editorial magazine of the same name has been published exclusively digitally under the URL

Who founded was founded in 1995 by Karin Sawetz (Mag. Dr. phil) together with her brother Josef Sawetz (Mag. phil. Dr. rer. nat.) with the study 'Fashion Navigator' about fashion online (conducted in 1995, published in 1996).

What's the editorial line of the magazine? is an international magazine for intercultural approaches in fashion, art with focus on fashion and culture in Austria.

Who is responsible for the content published on
Dr. Karin Sawetz is responsible for the content of

Who selects the topics that appear on
The topics are chosen independently by publisher Karin Sawetz, based on research into audience interests and trending topics.

Is financed by the government, institutions or companies?
No, isn't financed by the Austrian government, institutions or companies. You can support with a donation.

How is financed?
The journalistic medium is privately financed by Josef and Karin Sawetz.

Is an e-commerce platform?
No, isn't an e-commerce platform.

Is a traditional business?
No, it's a journalistic medium.

What is the mission of's mission is to provide its readers with the latest and most relevant fashion news, trends, and events, with a focus on Austrian designers, brands, and events.

Where is based?
The magazine is located in Vienna, Austria. The full address is
Ravelinstraße 5A
1110 Vienna

Can I contact by phone?
Yes, the phone number is +43 69912607626.

Who is the target audience of
The target audience of are people who are interested in fashion, culture and related topics.

Where do the users of come from?
In 2023, the users came from India 15.46%; China 11.70%; Austria 11.50%; United States 10.15; Bangladesh 7.16%; Indonesia 4.47%; Germany 3.84%; United Kingdom 2.89%; Brazil 2.47%; Netherlands 2.17%;... Monthly audience data are published on

Is it possible to pay for articles to be written?
No, it's not possible to buy articles.

Is it possible to advertise on
Yes, it's possible to book advertising on through media agencies or Google Ads.

Does have a newsletter or RSS feed for updates?
Yes, offers a free subscription to the Trendletter by and the free Fashion (RSS) Feeds.

How often is the Trendletter by sent out by email?
About once a week.

How often are new articles added to the Fashion Feeds?
Almost every day.

Where is the technical base of is hosted by a provider in Austria.

Does use AI tools for editorial content?
Yes, AI is part of the editorial process. It's used for research, as an advanced proofreader, and to create images.

Does have an AI chatbot?
Yes,'s AI chatbot is called Cytara and can be found at

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