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23 July 2019

Ideas about reducing waste? Inspiring exhibition about packaging of food and beverages at Volkskundemuseum and coffee storage challenge at Vienna Design Week

Packaging of food, coffee or bottling beverages is theme at the two following tips. The first tip is about an exhibition of historical and new packaging of food and beverages for the consumption on-the-go. The second concerns a competition about ideas to storage coffee - without or with IoT technology.

The exhibition 'Take Away' at the passage (free entry) at the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna, the Volkskundemuseum Wien can be visited until 29 September. With artefacts from the museum collection, Volkskundemuseum invites visitors to learn about historical storages for food or beverages and get inspired to use and possibly create new take away transport vessels, boxes or bottles for reducing the amount of waste our society continuously produces. 

fig.: Double pots with lids (twin), glazed ceramics / Doppeltöpfe mit Deckeln (Zwillingsgefäß), Glasierte Keramik; Sopron (Hungary); around 1890, NHM/53.774. Photo: Christa Knott © Volkskundemuseum Wien.


Some might find that the intention (waste reduction) of the Volkskundemuseum exhibition fits quite well to the following challenge: Vienna Design Week calls in collaboration with Austrian coffee brand J. Hornig (founded 1912 jn Graz, Styria) for innovative solutions to store coffee; the ideas should exceed the common storage by reminders of refills, etc. Details about the call are published in German and English. The submission period ends on 25 August. 

fig.: Teaser image for the ‘Hornig Design Competition’ in collaboration with Vienna Design Week 2019. Photo: © Hornig, Vienna Design Week.

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