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4 March 2024

Recipe for an afternoon dessert: Fruit Omelet à la with marzipan

Lent is still ongoing. Until Holy Thursday, March 28, those who are fasting prefer recipes for light dishes made with fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body. For many, however, the traditional fasting period doesn't affect their eating habits, as their diets already include vegan meals, no meat and no sugary foods. recently published a tip for a typical Lenten vegetable soup variation, a pea soup that can be recommended all year round as a delicious vitamin kick. Today's recipe is for an afternoon dessert that is also suitable for the fasting period - if you don't take Lent too seriously. It is a recipe without additional sugar (except the sugar in the fruits and the marzipan) and with very finely ground oatmeal, which replaces more than half of the flour normally used in omelets.

The Fruit Omelet à la is an interpretation of the classic omelet and the Austrian dish 'Kaiserschmarrn', a pancake with raisins, which has a thicker consistency and is more fluffy than a normal omelet. Instead of raisins, took a potpourri of fruits from the kitchen: strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

¾ coffee cup (0.2 liter) finely ground oatmeal
¼ coffee cup (0.2 liter) flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
Hint of cardamom
Pinch of salt
1 lemon zest

ca. 100 ml milk (vegan; used soy milk)
Tablespoon of butter (vegan) for the pan

2 eggs (which is not lent conform; but you can use a banana instead of the two eggs)


Shot of rum (non-alcoholic)
Tablespoon marzipan


Blend flour, oatmeal, baking powder, salt, cardamom, and lemon zest.
Add the milk and eggs (or banana).
Stir until you have a creamy, smooth dough.

Fruits and marzipan paste:
Halve the grapes and slice the strawberries. Leave the blueberries as they are.
Soak the fruit in a shot of rum, which in the non-alcoholic version is no fasting outlier.
After about ten minutes, sprinkle it with marzipan flakes.
Gently stir the fruits with a spoon without crushing them.

Heat the butter in the pan.
Pour in the dough and turn the heat to medium.
Flip the omelet when the bottom is golden brown.
Cover the omelet with the fruits in the marzipan paste and reduce the heat from medium to low; close the lid.

When the other side of the pan is golden brown, the Fruit Omelet à la is ready! Bon appétit!

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