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21 June 2019

From Vienna to Salzburg and New York: Collaborative collection 'Chromosomes in Love' by jeweler A. E. Köchert and artist Eva Petrič now on view at Bergdorf Goodman

Until 12th August, the collection 'Chromosomes in Love' by Viennese jeweler A. E. Köchert and artist Eva Petrič (born in Slovenia, living and working in Vienna, Ljubljana and New York) will be exhibited at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Before the presentation of 'Chromosomes in Love' happened on 6 June at Bergdorf Goodman, the jewelry pieces were on view at the group exhibition 'Schwerpunkt Design II' at Traklhaus in Salzburg, Austria.

‘Chromosomes in Love’ references biological as well as metaphysical levels of connections between human beings; the ‘collective web’ and ‘webbing’ is central at Eva Petrič' work. The artist is active in various fields such as sculpture - recently an over-dimensional Rubik's Cube with pictures of shadows of Eva Petrič was placed in front of the SEM Museum in Ljubljana, or perfumery (article). Wolfgang Köchert of A.E. Köchert and Eva Petrič met at a jewelry exhibition in 2016 at MAK Vienna where the artist presented the 'Stem Cell Garden' series about the empirical and spiritual worlds we are living in.

fig.: Poster of the collaborative collection 'Chromosomes in Love' (2019) by jeweler A.E.Köchert and artist Eva Petrič. Insights into the exhibition at Bergdorf Goodman are published at Eva Petrič' Instagram.

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