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6 March 2018

Fashionoffice healthy diet recipe: Mangold salad with similar fine taste like asparagus for fish, meat or as snack

This recipe was contributed by a friend of Fashionoffice. Mangold or chard is often compared to spinach as it is rich on A and C vitamins and minerals (magnesium, iron,...). It's also mentioned in context with healthy diets. The use of this vegetable has a Mediterranean origin and mediates the culinary culture of South European countries like Italy. Prepared after the following recipe, the salad from the white leaf stalks has a similar fine taste like asparagus. (Recipe for the soup made of the green leaves.)

Salad recipe:

  • Separate the green leaves from the white stalks
  • Cut the white stalks into around 2x3 cm pieces
  • Boil them in hot water (mixed with salt and shots of vinegar and white wine) for around 20 to 30 minutes
  • Strain the water, mix the cooked vegetable pieces with a marinade made of salt, lemon, olive oil, white pepper

The salad can be served warm or cold (let it cool down in the refrigerator); as in-between snack or side-dish to fish or meat.

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