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The Gentleman's Collection

fall 2009

What are man's and woman's roles in the history of scents?

In September 2009, Estée Lauder releases the Aramis men's fragrance collection with the eight most beloved scents from the years 1974 to 2006. Since 1964, Aramis is a division of The Estée Lauder Companies. The brand has pioneered the prestige men’s market. It was the first-ever men’s scent to be sold in department stores.

Old and new scents from more than 30 years

The Gentleman's Collection gives an insight into the changing image of men in our society. In times of retro and vintage, the fragrances from former days are 'in fashion' again.

"I love the concept of discovering something old that is new again. The Gentleman’s Collection is like a wardrobe of fragrances, each one for a different day…a different mood." Leonard Lauder

Men's and women's roles

You will see that men are described mostly as adventurous 'runaways' from the 70ies on that become 'sensuous' in the mid 90ies. Women play in more than 30 years of fragrance history for two times explicitly an important role in the olfactory world of men: 1981 it is the creative power of a female and in 2006 it is the independence of women that becomes a theme.


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