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Selected fashion news October - December 2008:

Whirlwind Dresses and Masculine Suits
'Tourbillon' (transl. 'whirlwind') is the name of Ece Ege's spring/summer 2009 collection.

A woman who does not fit the classical definition of beauty
For the spring/summer 2009 collection Andrew Gn was inspired by Helena Rubinstein - a pioneer in beauty and art lover.

Imagine clothes for a Sunday that never ends!
The Berlin based c.neeon designers Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz presented their collection "Sunday Taste" with an extraordinary story.

FASHIONOFFICE INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz, Jan 2008
What makes online publishers objective 'gate keepers'? Is there a reason why online publications are more authentic than other media?

Party Fashion
The creator of colorful, sunny party collections, British designer Matthew Williamson is H&M's next guest designer.

DJ Tiësto will play the New Years Eve 2009
... with a special five hour set at the Roseland Ballroom New York.

Make up color trends spring 2009
For the new spring trend colors 2009 Clinique was inspired by the celebration of the awakening of nature.

Japanese tattoo style by Marco Serio on t-shirts
The New Yorker label Tees and Tats presents a new t-shirt line designed by Marco Serio.

The social fabric of a place
For the past few months artist Liz Allan has been observing local trends in New Zealand.

Bat-wing sleeves and jumpsuits of acrobats
The Indian designer Manish Arora presented his "Manish Arora Circus" collection during the Paris Fashion Week and ... wishes all the best for 2009!

A passport case that is showing many different pigs - vive la difference!

Music for Victoria's Secret, Lee jeans, ...

"... the point is to react positively to the surrounding crisis ..." Christian Lacroix

Edgy pieces for challenged people

Punk-feminist artist Peaches sings about - what else! - sexuality

Funk-disco with orientalique touch's publishing tools

New album by fashionable Brooklyn based 'Free Blood'

Fashion with a Wink

Dolled-up women in Performance

Feminism in music

Designer Massimo Rossetti inspired by a life saving team

"Acting like shits will only make us become shit"

Antony (and the Johnsons) reflects upon the momentous changes that we are facing

A new system releases the sweat produced by the foot

Nostalgia for the innocence of former China

Does a "Viennese Fashionistas Taste" exist?

Celebrities, plastic surgery and liposuction

What is he singing? Does he replace a word with f...?

Breaking through your habits of thinking!

Imagine Russian astronauts returning after forty years

Speedy Mary Jane is a sportive, sexy ... shoe

Riding Fun and Environmental Sustainability

Hindu Symbol "Aum" on Rocking Organic Fashion

The expression of the 'Maharajah'

The title of a collection reflected in fabrics, cut ...

The two sides of a woman

"... John Galliano told me that he saw the ‘Gothic girl’ as ‘edgy and cool, vampy and mysterious..." Dr. Valerie Steele

"... no choices - because desire, just like tango, is but the regret of the future."

Fashionistas, save your money!

Choose after your personal preference: pleasure, love or pain

Heating up the Dancefloor!

The Reinvention of Man's Body

The sexy variations of a blue ink print

Layering, unconventional draperies and artful sprayed rubber prints

Stereo Mc's remixed from Fedde Le Grand, Marlow, Proper Villains, DJ Beware, Tic Toc

Afshin Feiz about Buddha's Smile

The cliché of popular Mexican culture

Playful prints, cuts, Organic Bamboo Jersey, ...

John Rocha's experiments with fabric and technique

Intellectual ways to live with violence, fear

The Erotic Story from a Missionary

"If you change your life, you change the world" Vivienne Westwood

Pin-Ups by Mel Ramos on Shirts, Jackets, ...

New music video "This World is Crazy" by Lonely Drifter Karen

Basso & Brooke SS09

Why has Naja Conrad chosen women as her favorite subjects?

Homemade kitchen music clip by a one-woman band

Nicola Finetti SS09

"Who the fuck is Peggy Poetry?"

Video Contest for Shoe Enthusiasts

Another view on sportive clothing

How to perform magic with top designer shoes

Paris Hilton, role model for many young women publisher Ernest Schmatolla in conversation with publisher Karin Sawetz

October is the month of raising awareness for women's health, November for men's health

Dries van Noten SS09

Design Festa from 8 - 9 November 2008 in Tokyo

The Visualization of 100 Years Jazz with Fashionable Pieces

Fashion designer Emilie Flöge the muse for Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"?

Fashionable "Hercules and Love Affair" Video

Fondation Cartier about homeland, identity

Toys for Adults

Perfumery and the two sides most women have

Plant 25 trees with 1 bag!

Recycled fashion products with community qualities

Board Graphics by Jonathan Edwards

Jenny Holzer connects the public about issues of social and cultural importance

Art Fair with Entertaining Focus on Fashion

Make Up for Festive Events

The 50s Style of Hitchcock's Vertigo

A Hat for the Acoustical Experience of Space

How to misbehave in the world of rich and beautiful

Vanity Fair Portraits - The Construction of Celebrity

Thirty Years' War (1618 to 1648) costumes in a movie about black magic


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