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spring/summer 2009

From corset making to the idea of expressing the seductive power of women

In March 2009 the French lingerie label Aubade (the name comes from the musical meaning of love songs of the Middle Ages*) has launched its new website in the three languages English, German and French.

*Aubade is a morning song for or about lovers. The origin of the word is French; the songs about lovers who have to separate in the morning early after awakening, had been invented by the troubadours in the French Provence during the Middle Ages. Find out more about the meaning of the word 'Aubade'

The liberating way from the corset to seductive lingerie

The company roots are reaching back to 1875, when the founder Dr. Bernard creates a girdle and corset-making company. Since 1958 the lingerie is sold under the label's name Aubade which expresses the main focus of the design concept: the creation of seductive pieces for women.

In the 90ies, after the decade of the re-feminising era of the 80ies (the 60ies/early 70ies celebrated androgyny), women have discovered a new femininity. 'Seductive power' became a keyword for women who enjoyed their womanhood with men who had for the first time not the better rights but same rights.

In 1992 Aubade started the 'Lessons in Seduction' saga with focus on lingerie as a mean of seduction. In 2001 Aubade presented the smallest g-string in the world.

Since 2009 the label Aubade provides information about the newest fashion trends illustrated with sketches, know-how about lingerie, the making of campaigns with images and videos... on the re-launched website

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