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fall/winter 2009/10

When moral values are absent, darkness begins

New York based designer Brian Wood's fall/winter 2009/10 men's wear collection 'Night Stalkers' is inspired by the dark depths of human nature where moral values are absent and darkness begins.

The photos of the lookbook for the t-shirt collection "B Wood" are dramatically arranged.

Question: Does the B Wood lookbook tells a story about three different gangs - and the 'good' ones with the masks wear the superhero-shirts? Then there is one with a red face - he looks as if he comes from a fight; he wears the revenge and on another photo the clown shirt; the superheros catch the "mad max"... Was a story intended?

Brian Wood: "For the collection Brian Wood, is a serial killer concept, good boy / bad boy concept. By Day they are normal working boys and by night they stalk the dark.

For B WOOD the t-shirt collection the concept was NIGHT STALKERS "KILL THE COUNT". The concept was serial killers with a twist. For fall 2009 we killed the Count. The count graphic has become iconic of my collection."

fig.: The 'count' is on the photo below left. Photos by Tone

Brian Wood: "The lookbook was shot with the concept of the gang (models) meeting up and getting ready to kidnap the count. The count gets thrown into the van, kidnapped and his fate is left up to the imagination of the viewer."

Exhibition on 2 June 2009
The one-night exhibition 'Brian Wood T-shirt Retrospective' will be held on 2 June 2009 at the Envoy Gallery in New York. Samples from Wood’s archives will be shown. The designer is known for his cheeky humor

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