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"Male suits are 100% eco-friendly", Carla Gallas SS09
Buenos Aires based designer Carla Gallas was inspired for her laptop bags by the idea of the Earth Day which is the celebration day for thinking 'green' each year in April. Her laptop bags are indeed funny and unusual such as the designer intended: in the same month of the London summit G-20 and while bankers worldwide are searching for new, non-conspicuous outfits, Carla Gallas has used male suits for her laptop bags.

Question: Carla Gallas, have you designed the laptops bags on occasion of the Earth Day?

Carla Gallas: "After some time of research and design I developed the laptop bags to be launched on the Earth Day."

Question: Why have you used male suits for the bags?

Carla Gallas: "I use male suits for the bags mainly because they are 100% eco-friendly, including inside. They are a way to give a new use to an old piece. Usually the laptop bags are a bit boring, black, etc. I've been thinking for a while for a solution to this problem. This design is funny, modern and unexpected. It is like a suit for a laptop. And people don't like to show to everybody they are carrying a laptop."

You can find the laptop bags on her website

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