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The Cavalli Club in Dubai
spring/summer 2009

By Caroline Zerrini, lifestyle editor from Dubai;

With Roberto Cavalli’s new club launch in Dubai, the Italian couturier commands the red carpet

In May 2009, the press conference on occasion of the new club by Robert Cavalli, the Italian couturier of glamorous fashion buzzed with local and international media in Dubai. The fashionable crowd had heard of and some had seen Cavalli at fashion weeks strutting his stuff with trademark pizzazz and punch. Now here he was – in jeans and a sports jacket – casually unveiling his newest design: A unique, lifestyle venue called Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Dubai, created in collaboration with Dubai-based Pragma Group.

“It’s really something,” the fashionable brainchild insisted, amidst sips of water and journalists’ rather staid questions that did no justice to the maverick before them. Bred in a family of strong artistic tradition, the stylish club seems only natural to the Florence-borne designer.

“But I can’t believe you haven’t yet seen it!” he comments, clearly bewildered by the lack of press attention given to his latest milestone.

Getting over that little offence, Cavalli then discusses how it is his first time in Dubai and how the region is fast growing and a vibrant fashion staple, making it a perfect fit for his new club.

“Cavalli Club will be a totally unique space for people to socialize, shop and dine in extravagant and opulent surroundings - the architecture, furnishings, and the interiors effuse luxury and exclusivity. This is my first club in the Middle East and I am extremely proud. But I just can’t believe you haven’t yet seen it!” he reminds.

The Cavalli Club Dubai will follow with Milan in the future. Once creative, Roberto Cavalli is known to run with the artistic direction – from catwalk to gourmet extravaganzas

Roberto Cavalli's fashionable creations for the interior Perhaps he was right to be insulted by the lack of showmanship. Cavalli Club has been exclusively designed by Roberto Cavalli himself, and so the style icon has every right to flaunt. Swarovski crystals are used liberally to create a luxurious and opulent atmosphere throughout the venue.  Floors are made from black quartz, with chairs upholstered in Cavalli’s signature animal print.  A black mirrored tunnel and a beautifully designed elevator complete with Cavalli upholstered sofas take guests upstairs to the main club area.

“I love art. I love fashion. I love everything beautiful. Why no enjoy them all together?” he slyly questions.

Restaurant, bar, DJ music, boutique Enjoyment, indeed. On the top floor of Cavalli Club is an Italian restaurant and a sushi bar where guests can recline on sofas in front of low tables. Parallel to the restaurant is a lounge bar with exotic light food and DJ music. On the ground floor, a grand entrance hall leads to a boutique that offers a speciality line of very selective luxury products from jewellery to designer dinnerware, to luxury chocolates.

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