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Angel-like voice on orchestral string-rock arrangements

The band (The Reasons) around songwriter/singer Clare Muldauer will come out with their second album 'Arrow' on 20 Oct 2009.

Clare and The Reasons are touring since nearly 2 years in the UK, Europe, Japan and the US. At this time they are in France. The next concerts are scheduled for 17, 19, 23 July 2009...

The press such as The Washington Times compares the music with bands such as Lambchop, Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki; others see similarities to Joanna Newsom - but this lies more in the strings that sound like harps. The angel-like voice of Clare Muldauer and the extra-terrestrial style of Joanna Newsom have nothing in common except being extraordinary; they are from two different galaxies. The most beautiful words has found Maddy Costa at The Guardian “The jazz-inflected arrangements are beautiful: with their water-colour wash of violins, bird-like flutes and swooning celeste they have the heady fragrance of an expensive perfume.”

A great video that shows the life performance qualities of Clare and The Reasons is published on; on the BBC's 'Culture Show' they are playing the classic song 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'.

Watch the video: 'Pluto' by the Brooklyn based group Clare and The Reasons from the debut album 'The Movie' (Aug 2008). The video is directed by Alexander Kane; edited By Jana Saleh. By

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