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spring/summer 2009

Eyewear named after Clark Kent, Charlie Chaplin, and 'Niko' from Lipstick Jungle

In May 2009 the international online shop of GlassesUSA presents its website with an extensive product range of eye- and sunwear and an helpful blog where Hillary Rubin is publishing articles about themes like 'Help for Kids who Need Eyeglasses' or 'Computer Vision Syndrome'

Question: Hillary, you are managing the website of GlassesUSA. When was the online shop founded?

Hillary Rubin: "The partners of the group have been in the optics industry for around 25 years but GlassesUSA was conceived in the spring of 2008, founded in the fall of 2008, and the website was launched in December 2008."

Question: Are the glasses from the GlassesUSA own production?

Hillary Rubin: "We have a healthy mix of our own brand of eyeglasses designed especially for GlassesUSA as well as non-household brands that we purchase from around the world. We expect that our eyeglass frames are to be made of the toughest materials to lessen the possibility of breakage."

Question: The navigation of your website shows several classification: Full Frames, Retro Frames,… and Fashion. What’s the difference between the other glasses and the Fashion glasses?

Hillary Rubin: "Fashion frames tend to be a bit more bold than your standard eyeglass frame. I wear the "Revere" frames that have more POP than your average black plastic frame. While you can find full framed, semi-rimless, and rimless eyeglasses in our Fashion category- you won't find every frame in our Fashion category! Full framed glasses are covered on all sides; semi-rimless frames generally have at least one side of the lens that is not covered by the frame- usually being the bottom and parts of the side; rimless frames have absolutely no covering on any side of the lens."

Question: In the column ‘Fashion’ you are naming the glasses mostly with the first names of women or men, job titles such as “The Senator”, “First Lady” or values of our society like “Liberty”, “Honor” or “Independence”. Only one of your current glasses is taken from the world of magic: the Harry eyeglasses. Would you say that the names of the eyeglasses are representing the US American heritage?

Hillary Rubin: "It was important to me that our eyeglass names show American pride and the strength of the American people. The names are powerful and (hopefully) invoke such a feeling when our customers wear them. When I don my Revere frames, I remember Paul Revere's midnight ride. Some of our other fashion frames like "Clark," "Charlie," and "Niko" are not meant to invoke feelings of American pride but are meant to be fashionable, fun, and celebrity-like (they are named after Clark Kent, Charlie Chaplin, and "Niko" from Lipstick Jungle*)."

*'Lipstick Jungle' is a US TV-series (2008) starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver (plays 'Niko')... The tagline on the Movie Database is "It's a jungle out there. Dress accordingly."

Question: Each of the eyewear has a description on your website. Harry is “perfect for those with a little imagination! Let Harry take you to new heights!“ Do your customers use eyewear like a fashion piece to vary their image?

Hillary Rubin: "Absolutely! Our customers like to keep us up to date on their eyewear and how they pair them with different looks. Some of them even send us pictures!

Question: Please give us a tip for sunglasses which can be perfectly worn on the beach this summer.

Hillary Rubin: "The best thing you can do for your eyes this summer is wear sunglasses WITH a UV protective coating on them to keep the harmful UV rays away from your eyes.

My favorite women's sunglasses are the "Congress" because you feel powerful and almost like a movie star when you hit the beach with these slightly over-sized sunglasses. I would pair it with a black sheer cover-up and basic flip flops!

We encourage our customers to be playful and step out of the ordinary! Our customer service representatives are GREAT at helping customers find eyeglasses that are perfect for them. We have a few articles on our blog that help our customers find the best eyeglasses to fit their face, their hair color, and our recommendations for which eyeglasses could potentially go with this year's hottest fashion trends."

My favorite men's sunglasses are the "Eisenhower" because they look vintage in the Buddy Holly style (with a mix of James Dean) - when paired with a white t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of flip flops, it's the hottest summer beach look for men!"

Special tip by Hillary Rubin: "When preparing for summer with sunglasses, go with a pair that you KNOW you can wear to work or when you hit the beach. If you're opting for Transitions eyewear that turn dark when they are hit by UV rays - DO NOT go for the aviator style. They look great as sunglasses but not so hip as regular eyeglass frames."

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