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spring/summer 2010

Streetwear that re-interprets cultural heritage

From 1 to 3 July 2009, the Austrian label 'Heartblood', founded 2008 by designer Sabine Haun has presented the glamorous men's and women's streetwear collection spring/summer 2010 under the title 'heartbeat' at the Premium International Fashion Trade Show in Berlin.

The designer Sabine Haun is inspired by historic themes, music, religion, literature and publishes the re-interpretations of her cultural heritage on glam shirts with rock'n'roll appeal; although she describes her designs as European answer to American design, you will find the 'American freedom' that comes from the highways of this wide land.

Question: Your collections have much ‘heart’! The spring/summer 2010 collection is entitled ‚heartbeat’, the basic collection ‘heartwork’. Do you plan to continue entitling the collections with ‘heart….’? Is this a general concept of the label Heartblood?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "Each collection has its own feeling that means what I associate by creating the collection. I will follow this concept for all shirt collections, because every design is made out of emotions and heart."

Question: What’s the difference between the seasonal and the basic collection?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "The difference of the collections is the delivery date. The basic collection is pre-order, if the clients want to get it earlier; while the summer collection will be delivered at usual dates."

Question: You are designing your own t-shirt collection since 2008. In your press release you describe your label as European answer to American design. What signifies American design?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "I think, the signification of American design is the difference, that a pompous show is more important than value and style. It stands for show and superficiality.
However, the feeling is getting stronger, that we are slowly inundated surely of the American fashion market. We have so many good designers and labels in Europe, who run in risk to go down regarding this new excitement. I want to work against this trend."

fig.: Heartblood spring/summer 2010. Pink t-shirt with anchor.

Question: Are you the designer of the illustrations or where do you get them?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "The illustrations are made out with different inspirations. I see a picture, photo or I read a book, I remember stories of the past, and like a puzzle there is a new idea in my head.
I only design/draw/develop what I like, this is very important. My experience: If there is not my "heartblood" in it, the people will not like it - authenticity!"

You are using European and Asian symbols such as Holy Mary, the Christian Cross, or the Chinese dragon and Koi fish. On one of your shirts is a bird. Is this a phoenix? Why have you chosen these symbols?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "Contrasts, who are nevertheless alike... As very religious and historically interested person I see a connection and a contrast in these symbols. The Holy Mary and the cross are in the Christian world very important symbols, so are the Chinese dragon and the Koi fish are the Asian world and Chinese mythology. The symbol of the phoenix is also like the same: In the Chinese history/mythology it is the symbol of luck, in the Greek it is the symbol of the again- or newborn son."

Question: And what means the anchor? Does it bring the wearer good luck to find his/her counter’heart’?

Sabine Haun, designer of Heartblood: "That is a very nice question, because it would fit and sound well ;)
The anchor is a very old Christian symbol for hope and divine help against the storms of time."

On the website you will find more information and the pieces of the collections

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