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How to give old material the appeal of luxury, seen at unika(r)t
The Austrian designer Irene Wölfl presents her label unika(r)t (the word combines unique and art) during the 3rd edition of Designformat from 8 May until 25 July at the workshop kaRja in Vienna.

The signature design of unika(r)t by Irene Wölfl is to use seemingly non-valuable trash and give the old material with new forms and functions the appeal of luxury.

For this collection she has collected mainly one-time-used plastic bags, packaging and has recycled them into long-term usable bags and accessories. Each of the pieces is handmade and proves that common things can have more than 'one' life.

About kaRja: kaRja is a workshop for customized and recycled clothing. Some of her pieces are presented on a shopping site by Austrian designers


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