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spring/summer 2010

What’s about the sexiness of men’s legs in our times?

On 3 September 2009, the Spanish men's wear label Jan iú Més (founded 2005) by the designers Jan Zamora and Alfonso Peña presented the spring/summer 2010 collection during the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

On the website of the 080 Barcelona Fashion website the collection is characterized by the image of a "...modern man who is extroverted, calm, true to himself, deliberate and intriguing..." desfilades.php? idDissenyador=50.

Following the tradition of the label, the designers haven't created the collection under a special theme. The minimalistic fashion is in spring/summer 2010 enriched with different treatments to the fabrics linen, cotton, linen knit, silk chiffon etc.

Question: The material you are using is very interesting; are you making the transparencies by cutting out threads after the piece is sewn together?

Jan iú Més: It really is part of the styling, as there are shorts or pants with transparency, we have used for give a touch more delicate. Likewise, we have used this resource on the tops.

fig.: Men's Wear Spring/Summer 2010 by Jan iú Més; catwalk presentation in September 2009 in Barcelona.

Question: You are presenting mostly short trousers. Why do you think are short trousers so much in fashion next year?

Jan iú Més: In summer, short trousers are always trendy.  Everybody has a pair of shorts in his closet. Maybe, there are some pants that are very shorts, but for this collection we are inspired by shorts like tennis players, runners... are wearing; it follows a sports line.

Question: Alongside to the short trousers, even your long pants in partly transparent materials are presenting men’s legs in a sexy way; never before experienced a fashion trend with such a strong focus on men’s legs. What’s about the sexiness of men’s legs in our times?

Jan iú Més: The legs both man and woman always have been a body part that has been considered attractive.

Sincerely, in this collection, we wanted to give more importance to the pants, continuing the same line like in the tops.

Watch the video: Jan iú Més Men's Wear Spring/Summer 2010 Catwalk presentation on 3 September 2009 during the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Question: Do you have a music list from the catwalk show?

Jan iú Més:

Jan Iú Més fall/winter 2009/10 was inspired by the designers' trip to a very small village on a mountain. Read the interview

On the label Jan iú Més publishes news, shop finder, current and former collections etc.


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