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Charles LeDray
"Mens Suits"

11 July - 20 September 2009
Artangel, London

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An artist about men's suits
as surrogates for identity

New York based artist Charles LeDray, who is stitiching and sewing textiles instead of using the brush on canvas, presents through summer 2009 at Artangel, London his new project that is based on clothing. The artist worked on 'Mens Suits' for the past three years. It is LeDray’s first major presentation in Europe.

fig.: 'Mens Suits' by Charles LeDray, 2009. Photo by Tom Powel.

For 'Mens Suit' he collected hand-made vintage suits, shirts, ties, and gloves. The suits are for the artist surrogates for identity, embodiments of the desire to reveal and conceal, to be marked out as an individual and belong to a tribe. For LeDray, they work together as one entity rather than as individual items.

Charles LeDray (born 1960 in Seattle), who was not trained conventionally artistic, began his career as a security guard at the Seattle Art Museum. Today, he works in a small studio in New York. He labours years on each new project. In the last years he had exhibited in New York (2007 and 2003), Düsseldorf (2004), London (2002) to name a few. He was awarded with several prizes

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