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The progress of personal evolution; Maurie Polak at the Rhode Island School of Design Exhibition
US jewellery designer Maurie Polak is one 130 presented designers and artists from 14 disciplines such as textiles, jewelry, photography, digital/media, furniture design etc at the Rhode Island School of Design’s annual graduate thesis exhibition from 14 until 30 May 2009 in Providence, US. The pieces by the designers and artists represent the culmination of each student’s experience at the RISD; they are the products of personal evolution in art and design. Most of the individual works consist of multiple pieces from the graduates' thesis work; they are manifestations of several years of research, experimentation, critical thinking and skills. On the website of RISD you can visit the online-exhibition with statements and images of the art and design pieces at

The jewellery by Maurie Polak (born and raised in Portland, OR) is much more wearable art than decorative design. Cocoon is the theme of her collection, presented by the designer even on her own blog

Amulets for stepping into the future of the moment: Maurie Polak's work has a cruel appeal. She produces the dramatically scenery by using (imitations) of animal bodies such as claws of a feathered animal breaking out of a cocoon or the leg of a hoofed animal which is still coated with the material that signifies 'mutation'.

"My audience is given the opportunity to ponder the notion that every moment one inhabits is a liminal space, continually emerging from one developmental phase to another." Maurie Polak

If you are looking at the pieces you get the impression that they are Voodoo inspired amulets to support the wearer in the awareness that the moment is only in the case limited if you let it end in the presence. The designer has used legs of animals in a cocoon to symbolize this 'walking through time and evolution' by the media jewellery.

"I am interested in the potential of this threshold moment and engaging its presence as a means to propel oneself into the future." Maurie Polak

About Rhode Island School of Design: The art and design college Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) has more than 26,000 alumni, the college enrolls 1,926 undergraduates and 426 graduate students from the United States and almost 50 countries. RISD is offering degree programs in fine arts, architecture, design disciplines, and art education. Academic programs of the RISD include research and design initiatives, the exploration of art criticism and contemporary cultural concerns, as well as international exchange programs. Included within the college is The RISD Museum of Art, which houses a collection of art objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome and art of all periods from Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as contemporary art


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